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In-House Safety

Every business in the United States has to protect their employees from individuals who pose a high security risk. This duty of care forces employers to identify and avoid hiring of applicants who are of risk to current employees and the business itself. The process of identification of such applicants has to be transparent and comply with fair hiring policy.

Employee Rights

Each and every employee working for a U.S. based company has rights when it comes to handling their personal and sensitive data. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has been put in place in order to protect employees against injustice in hiring. Any misuse of personal, sensitive data for hiring purposes can lead to illegal and discriminatory hiring process.

Adverse Action

As a FCRA compliant consumer report agency, LegalScreen provides a built-in process for employers to take adverse action and notify the candidates making it quick and simple to make a decision. In order to protect applicants, we have also incorporated a 'dispute information' option for candidates.

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LegalScreen has the knowledge and expertise in complying with the national FCRA, state and local laws. Our in-house compliance team works hard to keep our business compliant on day-to-day basis and our customer compliance devision looks after you! We believe we couldn't enforce something we didn't practice, therefore in addition to helping you comply with laws we make sure you never face a discrimination claim from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

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We help you achieve the highest level of compliance by making sure your hiring process is following EEOC's guidance and requirements under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A violation of EEOC's guidlines includes disproportionate screening of minorities, enforcement of work policies that prevent from hiring applicants with criminal records if records are not necessary for the position. LegalScreen provides instructions on how to use reports and stay fully compliant.


Use them right..

In order to stay FCRA compliant, whenever requesting a background check, an employer should consider the relevance of the report to the job. State and federal laws prohibit employers from declining applicants based purely on their criminal record information. LegalScreen aims to help you understand the reports better and come to a fair decision.

Our background checks will provide you only with information you can take into consideration based on the state you are hiring in. We will indlude guidelines to ensure your decision and understanding of the report is based on the facts. In addition we allow candidates to explain their records so that you get a better understanding of their history.



Ban the Box is a legal landscape legislation that urges employers to remove the "prior convictions" questions from their applications. It is recommended that employers will take action in removing this box pro-actively to save time in the future when the legislation is established and minimize attention from the EEOC.

In a case where an employer feels it is necessary to keep the question within the application proces, we can help you comply with EEOC by providing you with report consumer explanation. Our offer will minimize the chanze of discrimination claims against your business.

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