LegalScreen uses state-of-the-art technology to protect sensitive data you just cannot risk!


All data recorded on our website is transferred with high grade TLS and encrypted using AES-256 algorithm. We store encryption keys in a secure, off-site cloud infrastructure - we make sure that your sensitive data is secure with LegalScreen!


AES-256 is the most advanced encryption algorithm - LegalScreen uses this technology to protect your data from potential hacking attacks and sensitive data being leaked.

DDos Migration

LegalScreen uses advanced DDoS protection, minimizing the chances of successful cyber attacks on our systems.

Secure Environment

Our servers are protected 24Hr - 7 days a week and stored in a secure location.

Constant Monitoring

At LegalScreen we look to improve your security every day.

In-house Monitoring

Our team stays on top of security reviews, conducting daily assessments and updates.

Audit Log

We save a real-time log of data accessed and changes made as they happen.

High Availability (HA)


Our infrastructure is spread across a number of locations, with N+1 or greater redundancy. This allows us to get back in shape in case of any unforeseen failures.

Back Up

We create and update back-ups daily. Storing them in separate locations allows us to recover all data in case of a server failure.

Up Time

LegalScreen gives you a perfect access to your information, keeping all security measures in place.

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