Know your Screening ABCs!


Identity Check

Identity Verification

Whether you are looking to screen your applicants, employees or tenants, Social Security Number verification is the most effective way of verifying someone's identity. If we encounter issues with verifying a subject’s identity, we will contact them and request additional information. We handle the process for you from start to finish!

Address History

If you are looking to find out a person's address history this is the search you need. We will provide you with a list of known addresses the subject is associated with and we will report on any relevant court jurisdiction.


Driver Check

Driving Records Check (Motor Vehicle Records)

Need a full driving records screening? We’ve got you covered! With records from all 50 states and the District of Columbia you can be sure you are receiving the most in-depth driving records check! Our report includes information about a subject's license status, license expiration date, endorsements, revocations and suspensions, violations and infractions and accidents.

Criminal Records Check

Sex Offender Registry Check

We want to provide you with the most accurate information so that you don't have to worry about a person you want to hire. Our Sex Offender Registry search will provide you with information from each state about the applicant's history and current status.

County Criminal Records Check

This search provides information on felony and misdemeanor criminal cases and includes records of charges and sentence information.

State Criminal Records Check

Wider searches on state level to go along with the county criminal record search. It aims to give you a deeper insight into your subject's criminal history.

National Criminal Records Check

Need a little more information? This search allows you to obtain criminal record information on a national scale!

Federal Criminal Records Check

Violation of federal law in question? This search will give you the information you require!

County and Federal Civil Records Check

Need insight into your subject's civil records? We can provide you with civil information from Superior and Municipal courts.

Global Terrorist Watchlist Check

A domestic and international check for terrorist watchlist presence.


Verification Check

National and International Employment Verifications

Employment verification is one of the key components of the application process - we get that! LegalScreen can provide you with information about previous employers including start and end dates, salary received, job title and, where available, reason for leave.

Personal or Professional Reference Checks

We can help you get a reference for a candidate. We can do it for you or we can use your questions – it’s up to you, but we are here to help!

National and International Education Verifications

If you want to verify a subject's degree or qualifications, we can help you confirm degrees received, and dates of study.

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