Retail Fraud Charges Levied Against Pontic Michigan Woman

October 13, 2017

Soccer Store Employee stole $271 from store and is serving jail time.

The observations of a Soccer Plus employee led to Kishel McGee pleading guilty to retail fraud in the 2nd Degree. Ms. McGee was seen outside the store on Telegraph, and it appeared she was examining merchandise that was being carried in a large purse. She then hid the bag outside a bush in front of a Target Store. Surveillance footage discovered she had stolen approximately $271 from that site. Officers located an additional $240 worth of merchandise, which was stolen from a Home Goods. Ms. McGee was finally arrested outside the U.S. Post Office, where she had the stolen Target items in her possession. She pled guilty at her pre-trial hearing and has been sentence to 120 days in jail. She must also pay all fines and court costs.
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