Commenting on Your Report

Explain or dispute your records!

Why use the comments option?

Perfect for Applicants

The comment option can be used by applicants to comment on and explain their records. It allows applicants to give an employer or a landlord a context to a search result and an explanation for the record.

Be Prepared
Employers do run background checks.

Records show that a vast majority of employers run background checks on their applicants to get an idea of their past and personalities. Be prepared for your interview and questions you might be asked.

Gain Employers' Approval.
Be upfront about your history.

Employers are not allowed to discriminate against applicants with a criminal history and are actually more likely to hire someone with a record if the person is upfront and transparent about their history.

All records can be explained!

LegalScreen gives you an opportunity to comment on and explain all your records.

Criminal Records

If your background check contains a criminal record, don't worry! We understand that a record might not explain the whole situation therefore, we give you an opportunity to explain the record before your employer sees it.

Employers want to get to know you

We give you access to a report as the employer sees it so, you can understand what information is passed on to your employer. Employers want to get to know you better so you have a chance to comment and make a great first impression.

Not happy with your record? Tell your story as you see it

LegalScreen understands that information provided on the report might not tell the full story of who you are and what you are about. You can now make comments on your report and tell the story as you see it. Your employer and all future employers will be able to see your comments if they wish to view your report.

  • Example One
    "The information contained in this report is accurate. I have made a mistake and served my sentence. Since then I have taken responsibility for my actions and have learned from it. I believe I am not who I once was and I hope you will consider my application further."
  • Example Two
    "The addiction I once had was a low point in my life. I have worked hard ever since to overcome this addiction and find a new purpose in life. I believe that I am a better person now and can help contribute to society and be civilised."
  • Example Three
    "Being young and careless I have made a few mistakes in my life, which I take a full responibility for. Since serving my sentence I have grown up and become a better member of the public. I would hope that you will consider me further for the position applied for and give me an opportunity to give back to the society I have once let down."

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