Private Connecticut College Dismissed Five Employees during Theft Investigation

September 24, 2017

University Employees Suspected of Embezzling $47,000 in bogus 'tuition reimbursement checks'. Pre-Employment Screening proves invaluable to prevent costly crimes from occurring.

Post University, a private, for-profit university in Waterbury, Connecticut dismissed 5 employees after a theft of $47,000 has been discovered.

Waterbury police stated that $47,000 in bogus tuition reimbursement checks have been paid out by the university.

The scam included on employee cutting checks to the others, advising them the money was reimbursement for tuition to the university.

The five suspects face charges of conspiracy and conspiracy to commit larceny.

Pre-employment screening, including criminal background checks and Credit Report searches, prove invaluable to protecting your business. Screening does not cost, it pays.

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