Pharmacy Tech Accused of Theft and Fraud at CVS

October 05, 2017

Avondale Resident, Robert Kemple, is accused of stealing over $100,000 in product from his employer, CVS Pharmacy.

Pharmacy Technician, Robert Kemple, 29, of Avondale, Arizona has been arrested in Goodyear, Arizona and charged with theft, fraud and trafficking in stolen property from CVS Pharmacy.

An internal investigation was conducted after fraudulent transactions were reported by another employee. Mr. Kemple, over the last seven months, had been found to be fraudulently ordering diabetic test strips. After the supplier shipped them to the store, it is alleged that Mr. Kemple took possession of these strips, removed them from the premises and sold the items to online companies at reduced prices. Losses to CVS are estimated to have been a little over $100,000.

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    employee embezzlement
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