On Going Alerts

Actively Monitor Employees and Tenants for Arrests, Bankruptices, and other noteworthy actions


Keeping you informed even after you make your decision to hire!

Get Authorization
We need your employees to consent.

We ensure we get what we need in order to keep you compliant. Our consent forms already contain a consent div for regular check-ups so you can decide whenever to add this service for any candidate without the extra hassle.

Be Upfront
Let your employees know.

We encourage employers to be up front with their applicants about regular background checks and including the information as part of their hiring policy.

Start Fresh
Quick and easy.

Our ongoing alert service is an easy and convenient way for you to keep track of your employees' background checks. This service will keep you informed for only $2.50 per employee per month.

Stay Informed
Receive Monthly Alerts.

LegalScreen provides you with monthly reports outlining any changes in your teams' background checks.

We keep you safe and informed.

Follow our guidance.


Your policy should contain the details of the process and should encourage your employees to keep you updated about their records.

Be Fair

Remember, if you decide to incorporate ongoing checks in your policy you need to make it the same for all employees. You cannot discriminate between employees. Everyone needs to be treated equally.

Be Upfront

Including the checks in your policy might not be enough. Make sure you clearly explain the reason and advantages behind the checks to your employees and applicants.

Keeping you compliant.

Employers have to keep compliant at all times and ongoing alerts are not any different. Just like during pre-hire screening, employers have to keep FCRA and EEOC compliant during post-hire screening. One way to keep compliant is to switch off ongoing alerts when an individual leaves their position and the company.

You will not be authorized to receive reports about employers' background checks once they are no longer a part of your company. You will be required to let us know as soon as possible in order to avoid legal penalties.

Why do we need consent?

LegalScreen requires a consent form for each employee enrolled on our ongoing alerts service as per FCRA regulations. It is illegal to provide employee's information to the employer without their consent.


LegalScreen has you covered.

Hasstle free consent.

It is easy and hassle free for any employer who has used LegalScreen to obtain their employees' initial background checks. Your employees would have already consented to ongoing alerts service. You do not need to worry about getting your employees to consent again, we have you covered.


State Specific Laws

State of California

The State of California does not allow employers to obtain one general consent form for an employee, instead it requires employers to obtain monthly consents. LegalScreen has a solution for everything therefore, we handle this for you! We just need you to be aware of this law and initiate a monthly check through your LegalScreen dashboard.

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