Keeping You Compliant Has
Never Been Easier.

Step One:
First Things First

Before we can start background searches, you are required to provide the applicant with a disclosure notifying them that a background search request will be issued and used as a basis for employment decisions. We then need you to provide us with basic information about the subject.


Once we have the applicant's basic information, we will contact them and obtain a background search consent. This is done through our fully compliant online form or integrated text messaging service. Your candidate chooses which is more convenient for them!

Step Two:
It Begins

Once we obtain a signed consent and additional required information from your applicant, we will begin our searches.

Let us handle it!

Handling sensitive and personal information is not easy and needs to be done very securely. Our in-house team of experts will collect the information for you and put it together into a clean and easy to read report.

Step Three:

A finished report will be sent back to the employer and an additional copy will be provided to the applicant. Depending on state law regulations, applicant's in each state have a certain amount of time to dispute the information contained in the report.

Why do we do it that way?

Rather than sending the report to just the employer, we give applicants an opportunity to review and explain or debate information contained within the report. This way the candidate can act almost instantly if they believe the information contained is wrong or for some reason should not affect an employer's hiring decision.

Step Four:
Review the results

The information contained in a report has to be reviewed in accordance with the EEOC Guidance. It is a violation of this guidance and requirements under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to screen out minorities, and include bans on hiring individuals with a criminal history.

Let them explain

If the background search contains information about criminal history, LegalScreen allows the applicants to comment on the information and explain or dispute the results.

Step Five:
Not sure if you are going to hire?

As an employer deciding not to hire an applicant based on their background report results, you are legally required to initiate 'Adverse Action' process.

Adverse Action, what!? We can help!

Once you receive a report from LegalScreen it is yours to review and make your decision. If you are not going to hire, we make it easy for you to start the Adverse Action process. On your report dashboard there is a one-click button which allows you to take Adverse Action. Once you press the button, we will send out all the necessary documents to keep you fully compliant.

Step Six:
Made your mind up?

Once you make your final decision and the decision is not to hire an individual, you need to take Final Adverse Action. It's a final step of letting an applicant know that you will not be pursuing their application further.

LegalScreen will keep you fully compliant throughout your hiring process. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We want what's best for you and your business.

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