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Screen your international employees and applicants.

With access to over 220 countries, you can screen your applicants and employees for criminal and civil history and verify work and education.

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Our in-house support team can answer all your and your applicants' questions about international background screenings and the process.

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We give you an option to order domestic and international background screenings for all applicants and employees at US based companies who have worked and lived outside of the country.

Who needs an international screening?

  • International screenings can be conducted on any employee or applicant who has previously lived, worked or was educated in countries outside the United States.

    International screenings includes:

    • Education/Qualification Verification
    • Employment Verification
    • International Criminal History Record

Step One:
Authorize Your Business

You will need to provide us with information about your business. You will be asked to provide your EIN, website link, and a valid email address that we can use to contact you.

Step Two:
Order Your International Bacground Check

When you order a background screening for your subject, remember to add-on the international screening option. This search is only sold as an add-on to any background search package.

Step Three:
Complete Relevant Forms

International checks require extra documentation in order to be processed. Ensure you have filled out the relevant documents and sent them accross to our customer support team for processing.

Step Four:
Receive Results!

Our international screening reports will contain information on criminal history, education and previous employment. If there is no trace for your subject we will notify you and let you know that no results were found.

Education/Qualification Verification

We will verify your applicant/employee's educational qualifications and diplomas.

Employment Verification

We will verify your subject's employment history outside of United States.

International Criminal History Record

We will give you an insight into your applicant's international criminal history.

Just to keep you aware...

Extra documentation

Background screenings in other countries might require you to file some extra documentation. Before issuing a background check request for international candidates, ensure you have all the documents required on hand.

Time to process

Background checks performed on an international level often take longer than background checks performed in the U.S. Please allow additional processing time for your report.


Employers looking to hire candidates for businesses outside of the U.S. should not use this option. Only companies in the country where the business is based should be used for hiring purposes.

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