Frequently Asked Questions

LegalScreen as a provider

  • What type of screenings does LegalScreen offer?

    LegalScreen provides a vast variety of background screening options. Some of the most popular searches include:

    • Criminal searches, at the county, state and federal level;
    • National criminal databases;
    • Civil records;
    • Terrorist watchlist;
    • Sex offender registries;
    • Motor vehicle records;
    • Credit history;
    • And employment and education verifications.

  • How do I use my LegalScreen account?

    Our accounts are secure and simple to use web portals where you can manage orders and view your reports. To set up an account we just need your business information and 5 minutes of your time. On your dashboard you can pick searches and packages you would like to choose for your applicants/employees/or tenants.

  • Are there any fees for account set up, customer support, adverse action or any other costs?

    NO! All our services are provided at no additional cost. Adverse Action options are available for employment-screening packages in order to keep you compliant at all times.

    If you have any questions about the application process, feel free to contact our LegalScreen Application Team via phone, email or our interactive live chat.

  • How do I order screening services and what do I need?

    Very easy. Simply chose a package you want via the web portal and provide us with your applicant’s name, email and phone number! – WE DO THE REST!

  • Can I order à la carte screenings?

    Yes, we offer a range of screenings services through packages and add-ons however, if our packages do not suit your needs and you would like to have a custom package/order made for you, you can contact us via our Customized Quote page.

  • How long does it take to get started? What is required to get up and running?

    Setting up your account can take up to one business day. In order to have the account set up properly, you will need to decide on what kind of account you need – our sales team can help you with setting up your account. We will then need certain documents from you and your business to get you verified as a authorized account member allowed to access and review consumer reports.

    If you require same day verification, you can call our support team who will attempt to verify your account as you wait.

Background Check and Compliance

  • How long do background checks take?

    Background searchers are never instant. In-depth background checks take about two business days however in some cases this period can be extended to up to a few weeks dependent on courts that are being searched and processing times in a given courthouse.

  • Where do our information come from?

    LegalScreen has access to large amount of data sources not limited to, national criminal database, state sex offender registries, state DMV, the Federal Court PACER system and courthouses in all states in the United States.

  • What are county court and DMV pass-through fees?

    Roughly 10 percent of all counties in the United States incur a record access fee. This fee is mandatory when conducting a criminal or/and civil records searches and vary by county.

    DMVs in each state charge a motor vehicle records access fee. The amount charged varies by state.

    If ordered as a package, LegalScreen passes through both of these fees without additional charges.

  • Can LegalScreen run background checks on minors?

    No, we cannot disclose any information regarding subjects who are under 18 years of age.

  • Can LegalScreen run background checks on individuals without a Social Security number?

    For employment screening we require SSN, as individuals legally need this number to work in the US. Only full Motor Vehicle Records can be obtained without SSN.

    For tenant screening, SSN is required but if unknown, we can report on everything but credit. We can investigate into all information with no SSN for an additional surcharge.

  • How are we compliant?

    LegalScreen abides by the FCRA laws in all 50 states. Our LegalScreen Smart Tool ensures we guide you through the process of background checks keeping you 100% compliant.


  • Can I partner with LegalScreen?

    We are a business that continuously looks to improve our customer relationships and grow. If you would like to partner with us, please contact our Sales Team by phone or email - LET’S GET TOGETHER!