Employee Trades Glasses and Lenses for Services

October 13, 2017

Barbara Tyson, a 51-year-old Wayne County woman was apparently giving eyewear at no charge to family and friends. In exchange, they would provide her with home services, such as electrical work.

Ms. Tyson had been employed by Lakeside Vision near Lake Wallenpaupack. Before she was fired a few months ago, she gave away approximately $18,000 worth of glasses and contact lenses. Her theft was finally brought to light only after a fellow Lakeside Vision employee questioned her on a bill. It was then that Ms. Tyson confessed.

She went as far as to make it look like insurance or coupons covered the items. The entire $18,000 in merchandise is still unaccounted for. She is due back in court next month and does not appear to have violated any patient privacy laws.

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