Employee Theft: US Businesses Lose Over $50 Billon Per Year

September 26, 2017

Employee Theft Cause of Over 1/3 of US Business Bankruptcies. Learn How to Use LegalScreen to Easily and Legally Protect Your Business.


of thefts conducted by Managers


of annual revenue lost due to Employee Theft


of businesses bankrupt due to employee theft.

Statistic Brain has released new data showing that 7% of all company revenue is lost due to employee theft.

Pre-Employment Background Screening has been consistently shown to reduce employee theft in every workplace environment.

You cannot afford to not properly screen new hires.

Contact LegalScreen today to discuss how to effectively protect your business.

Full Statistics Below
Employee Theft StatisticsData
Amount stolen annually from U.S. businesses by employees$50,000,000,000
Percent of annual revenues lost to theft or fraud7 %
Percent of employees who have stolen at least once from their employer75 %
Percent of employees who have stolen at least twice from their employer37.5 %
Percent of all business bankruptcies caused by employee theft33 %
Amounts StolenPercent
$1,000,000 and up25.3 %
$500,000 – $999,9999.6 %
$100,000 – $499,99928.2 %
$10,000 – $49,99916.8 %
$1,000 – $9,9997 %
$1,000 or less1.9 %
Median Amount Stolen$175,000
Men59.1 %
Women40.9 %
High School Degree34 %
Some College21 %
Bachelor’s Degree34 %
Postgraduate Degree11 %
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