Daughter of Disgraced Mayor Accused in Health Fraud

October 31, 2017

Kim Bogan, an ex-Brick Township employee, pled guilty in Ocean County Superior Court to 2nd Degree Theft by Deception. Ms. Bogan apparently submitted nearly $1 million in fraudulent insurance claims to the town’s health insurance program.

Ms. Bogan, whose father is the disgraced former Brick Mayor Joseph C. Scarpelli, had been employed by the town for over three decades.  Her family is no stranger to tragedy and controversy.  In late July, the 53-year-old Scarpelli, along with his 50-year-old wife Patricia, committed suicide by jumping out of a Manhattan office building.  They left behind a note reading “We Had A Wonderful Life.”  They apparently were in a financial downward spiral and saw no way out.

The theft revolved around submissions of fraudulent claims, which were submitted by Bogan, for the New York City chiropractic office, which is owned by her brother, Glenn Scarpelli.  Claims had been filed by her from January 2011 through April 2017.  These claims were for treatments reportedly given by her brother, but apparently the services were never administered.

Bogan is scheduled to be sentenced on January 2, 2018, and prosecutors will recommend a five-year prison term.

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