Convicted: Former College Employee Receives 8 Years for Stealing

October 05, 2017

Former College Employee John Valenta was sentenced earlier late last month to 8 years in prison and owes $399,000 in restitution. Valenta embezzeled funds from 2006 to 2013 by submitting fake invoices to the college from a company he owned

Robert Berlin, DuPage County State Attorney, announced that John Valenta, 68, of Wheaton was senteneced to 8 years for stealing stealing approximately $400,000 from the College of DuPage.

Valenta embezzled hundred of thousands of dollars by sending invoices to the College for radio station engineering services from a company named Broadcast Technologies. Valenta owned this company.

The investigation uncovered that from June, 2006 to December, 2013, Valenta submitted Broadcast Technologies invoices to the College of DuPage for merchandise and labor for work purported to be done at WDCB. Moreso, this merchandise and work product never was delivered.

DuPage County State Attorney Mr. Berlin shared:

Mr. Valenta’s greed finally got the better of him,” He was no longer satisfied with a good paying job he held for nearly three decades and decided that he would simply steal from not only the College of DuPage but from DuPage County taxpayers to fatten his wallet. I would like to thank the authorities at the College of DuPage, particularly Daniel Bindert and Detective Kent Munsterman, for exposing Mr. Valenta’s scheme and for bringing this matter to our attention. I would also like to thank Assistant State’s Attorneys Ken Tatarelis and Lynn Cavallo for their work in holding Mr. Valenta responsible for his actions.”
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